A new month, a new work wchedule. This month, I got a 4x10 (4 days a week, 10 hours each day) schedule during second shift. A good thing because it's second shift and I get paid more, and also because it more closely matches my sleep schedule. I have posted several sets of pictures. You can see this set, which includes shots of drunk guys in a construction site across the streen from Mojo's the other night. I also have pictures from the last 2600 meeting on Friday. If you're looking for photos from my sister's wedding, click here. As I don't have an incredible amount to say, you'll have to wait until later to hear more. :)

I just had an excellent meal. I got home from work around 1:30 AM, and made myself some pasta with an olive oil/garlic sause, and various spices, including some sautee'd shitake mushrooms. Along with some Llano Estacado Signature White wine - great stuff. I'm listening to Waterdeep, and am reminded of how much i love their music. It has been a good day. I am liking working 2nd shift - I just need to convince my body to adjust its sleep schedule accordingly. Oh, BTW (by the way, for the unenlightened) - I have added a new section to my site, PHOTOS!!! :) Now, you don't have to search through the blogs to find the photos you want; just click on the photos link at the bottom of the page. If you're wondering about the picture to the right, it's of my 2 new roommates Jay and Thomas when we were at Mojo's the other night.

Ok, so after several days of being completely bored, I have something to blog about. The subject of today's blog: Will Wynn - the spammer. Will Wynn is a candidate for mayor of Austin, in the upcoming elections. About a week ago I recieved an unsolicited e-mail (SPAM) from "" with the subject "Will Wynn e-Newsletter". This e-mail came in on my e-mail address, which is only used by people affiliated with the austin2600 group. The entirety of the message can be read here. Will Wynn's spam has ensured that I will not vote for him. Aside from that, I did look at his website to see what his stands on issues are, and found a lot of buzzwords, but nothing really unique. It looks like he got some marketing people to restate the already obvious issues of concern to people in Austin. Every day I find myself with less and less faith in our country's political system. Modern elections seem less and less about real people wishing to serve our communities, and more about whoever dupes the most people (sheep) into the best set of lies to win the majority vote and acquire political power. I can understand why no one votes anymore - why does it really matter? The majority is swayed by hype rather than substance. He with the best marketing people wins the election. Even if you care about substance over hype, how do you know which candidate is lying and which is not... or if anyone is telling the truth for that matter? No one actually knows these people anymore. This society of mass-marketing and demographics has made us not people, but general groups to be bought and sold. I am becoming more and more disillusioned with a society that is run by faceless corporations, where laws are no longer made to serve the interests of the PEOPLE, but the highest bidder. Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

On a lighter note (we must go on with our happy, blissful, ignorant lives), things have been going ok with me. We had our usual Friday night meeting at flightpath - it was pretty fun. Friday was also my older sister's birthday, and we had a dinner on Saturday at Buca di Beppo. Yummy italian food. I have some photos of the meeting and dinner posted if you'd like to look at them. Until I write again, remember: War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength. Big Brother is Watching You.

Another day, another rant. Or two. I just spent a few hours looking for my cat, after my friend Jake left our door open and let her out, while she is in heat. I also recieved another peice of spam from Will Wynn. I responded to the webmaster this time. Since e-mailing him didn't yeild much for LinearB, I decided to CC Will Wynn himself at his city council e-mail address. It appears to have had the desired affect, as I received an e-mail of apology from the webmaster stating that he has removed my e-mail address from his list. You can read it (including my reply and the 2nd spam) here. You can also read the GeekAustin discussion on the subject. It currently ranks #7 when searching for "Will Wynn" on google. In other news, I agreed on a price to buy my roommate Jay's van. You can check out some photos of it (and the afore-mentioned cat) in the Photos page. It's a totally pimpin' van, complete with shag carpet and plush vinyl. :) More later.

Wow, I've been busy lately. Lots of things going on, still trying to get used to the 2nd shift schedule, but I think I've adjusted. My roommate Jay and I finalized everything with the van. Thomas and I took a spur-of-the moment trip to the beach (Port Aransas and Mustang Island) early Saturday morning (right after work at about 2am) and returned Saturday evening. David would have come too, but he fell asleep before I went to pick him up. We made it in time to see the sunrise on the jetty near the marine institute in Port Aransas, and I got some good shots. Like a dope, I left my spare batteries at home, and I ran out of power shortly after sunrise. I have some photos posted, along with photos from the last meeting at flightpath, and some shots of the interior of the van. It's nice to be free to go places and do things with friends in the van. It's got a large passenger capacity - it seats 11 people including the driver. None of this pansy 5-passenger gas-guzzling SUV garbage. I make use of my fuel consumption. It means me and my friends don't have to drive 4 cars to get across town to where we're going. Try doing that in a Ford Explorer. The Ladie's Choice (yes, that is her name - check the photos if you don't know why) also has great traction on the beach. It is quite possibly the perfect vehicle for my needs. I am looking forward to the road trips that will be spent driving her.

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