A new month, a new boring entry, i think. Mostly, what was up was getting old, so I thought it better to post a new log. Since I last wrote, I went to the beach with my roommate Jay and my friend David. It was pretty fun, until it got so unbearably windy that sand got everywhere and into everything. My friend Kelsey came to visit, and ummm, yeah. That's about it. I'm working on my dad's new business site,,which should be up within the next month or so. Hopefully, I'll have more to talk about next entry. :)

Another day, another dollar. I've finally decided to try and get some better work. Dell is big on certifications for advancement, so i'm currently studying for my CWNA (Certified Wireless Network Administrator). It seems like a very worthwile certification, and it's along my lines of interest (networking). I'm also going to study for my CCNA as soon as i'm finished with the CWNA. I'm looking into other UNIX certs to help me along. I've been doing more work on my servers and such (DNS, SMTP, FTP, WWW, etc) to get more general server admin experience. I really look forward to doing something other than phone support. It's driving me mad. Really. It has gotten to the point where i've started lagging on my job simply because i'm coming to hate it so much. That's really not my style, as I really try to do my best at whatever I happen to be doing as a job. The lack of challenge and the sheer frustration of doing phone support is starting to make me bitter. As I've found myself with a bad attitude about almost everything, I've decided to do something about it. So hopefully there will be a change in tide soon, and I will have a job that I enjoy.

OK, haven't been keeping up with the site as much as I should be. I went nearly a month without posting any new photos... My display on my laptop died, so that's part of the reason i'm behind. I'm also running out of hard drive space on my server. I didn't really anticipate putting as much data up as I have with the photos. Hopefully, I can get a new hard drive this week to fix the problem. I've posted the past month's worth of photos here. There are also some photos of the Nyareste dance company's performance the other night. Well, I must leave for work now, but hopefully I'll update again soon.

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