Ok, so my site has been up for a long time, but still no content. Instead of immediately putting something small up, i had opted to wait and make something a little more elaborate. Apparently, that has failed, as I haven't really done any work on the site to date, and I've had the domain for over a year. Be that as it is, I decided to instead, put at least SOMETHING up. So here you have it: my daily musings. Call it a blog, whatever. Expect more from the site in the near future. I should have my resume and lots of other nifty things up. For now, it's just me and my links, so enjoy :).

I've done a little work on the site now. It now has a links page, which is mostly what i've been working on in my free time. It's a pretty incomplete list, but it should develop soon. I found that a lot of the things I want to do can't really be accomplished with *old school* html, so I'm going to have to learn stylesheets. Midas said he would help me learn php, so i'm probably going to start playing around with it sometime soon on the site, as well. I bought today. The name is a reference to a line from the movie "Buckaroo Bonzai". If you've never seen it, go out and rent it; it's totally 80s, and very geeky :).

7:15 am
Well, it's getting close to Christmas. It's an overcast, grey day in Austin today. It's cool, but not cold, and I'm on my way to work with my roommate. I figured out today that my alarm clock is about 15 minutes behind (!!!), which explains why I couldn't seem to get to work on time at all last week. I finally got my vacation time submitted and approved yesterday, so i'm all set to head up to Canada in late January and see Kristin. I'll have to get the tickets in a couple weeks, since my upcoming check is commited to rent and Christmas. I'm going to be doing more work on the site today, so hopefully there will be more up soon .

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