a view of Lake Austin as seen from atop Mount Bonnell

I apologize to all of you adoring fans (heh) for the lack of new posts. I've been seemingly rather busy and haven't found the time to post in ohhh... 2 months. But here you have it, your long-awaited post from John himself. Things have been going rather decently for me since I left my tech support job to pursue something with less stress and more fitting for me. It's amazing the amount of simple pleasures I deprived myself amid the stress and uncertainty that is the world of tech support. For those of you still in the clutches of this profession, I empathize with you. A recent realization came to me when I rediscovered my favorite place to be in Austin - a little outcropping on the cliffs of Austin's own Mount Bonnell. I realized that in my stress and misery working tech support, I had completely neglected visiting this place, as well as most other outdoors places I really love. A couple of weeks ago, I got off work from one of my 2 jobs, and decided to take a detour from my usual route home, to Mount Bonnell. The place is so quiet and calming. I must have spent well over an hour on my refuge on that little outcropping overlooking Lake Austin. I watched the sunset, and remembered one of the reasons why I love this town. I had a similar experience shortly after I left my previous job, and spent a couple of hours simply walking the hike and bike trail around Town Lake. Don't ever let the pressures and stresses of your life let you become so distracted that you forget the simple things you enjoy in life, whatever they may be.

In other news, I am planning a much-needed road trip around the continent with stops including Baton Rouge, Washington DC, New York City, Chicago, Wrangell Alaska, Vancouver BC, Seattle, San Francisco/Berkeley, San Diego, and Big Bend National Park. I'll be shortly buying and outfitting a motorcycle for this journey, as it will be much better on gas milage, and traveling across the country on a cruiser bike is something I've wanted to do for quite a while. I'll be stopping to see my friends all around the country on this trip, so if you're interested in putting me up for a day or two and want to hang out, e-mail me and I'll see about scheduling a stop in your hometown.

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