geek/hacking/activist sites

Austin's 2600 group. See the link below for more on 2600.

2600 - The Hacker Quarterly
2600 is a quarterly printed magazine for the hacker community.

slashdot is the ultimate geek forum.

The Free Software Foundation. Founders of the GNU project and the GPL (GNU Public License), the basis for most open-source software licensing and has helped make Linux what it is today.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation
EFF is an organization is devoted to the defense of civil rights and liberties as they pertain to technology.

EFF Austin
The Austin Chapter of The Electronic Frontier Foundation

Free Radio Berkely
Learn what Free Radio is about, and how so-called "Pirate Radio" is more rightly and excersize of the First Amendment right to Free Speech.

Free Radio Austin
Free Radio Austin - A now silenced microradio station.

The Linux Documentation Project
If you need help with anything linux, this is the place to go.

geek austin
this isn't California dammit!
geek austin is an austin-local slashdot type geek forum.

Think Geek
Stuff for Smart Masses. Think Geek is an online store with all the best geek/hacker/coder/unix gear.

User Friendly
User Friendly is a comic for geeks about the sysadmins and the goings-on at a small linux-based ISP. funny stuff.


Wok This Way
This is a great little cafe that moonlights as a chinese food restaurant. Good food, good prices, nice atmosphere. A lot of the 2600ers gather here for dinner once in a while.

sites of people i know

Amatus's Provocative Chocolate
amatus' web site. interesting info and links on network/system security and other related topics.
midas' website. random rantings/blogging and some mirrors for some other interesting sites.

Quelrods' lame webserver
quelrods' server. self explanitory.
clarkk's website.
my friend Larry's website.
My friend Pavan's website.
vanman's website.

music links

Amped Out!
Amped Out is an internet radio station that plays industrial music. Click here to listen to the ampedout stream. The station also has an accompanying irc channel called #ampedout on EFNET.

Kevin Max
one of my favorite musical artists, Kevin Max is at the same time genuine and eclectic. his music reflects his character, and he is one of the few musical artists i can truly identify with.

Christian Americana. Waterdeep's music has a very diversified sound, and very real feel to it. This band plays its music without pretention or artificiality.

Jason Feller
Former member of the band Chapter 41, Jason Feller is someone I'm glad to call my friend. He is a real musician, and his thoughts and emotions express themselves in a genuine way through his music.

(pronounce it mentat)
Friend, fellow ampedOut listener, and musician, MEN7A7 makes some great toons and has fun doing it. look for him wearing the cowboy hat in the stoicon V2 photos. And he's canadien, eh?

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