October Noise Fest Ticket

It's been over a year since I posted, and much has happened in that time. I've been through a couple of jobs since then, and found one that fits me well. I'm a Network/Systems Administrator for a small datacenter here in town, which means I take care of servers and network things. I had a breif experience living out of my van for a short period of time, which all in all turned out to be a good experience. I've moved into a cooperative called House Of Commons, part of a cooperative organization called The University of Texas Inter-Cooperative Council. It seems to be a well-run organization, mainly made up of students (it's a student housing cooperative). My house is a vegan/vegetarian house, simply meaning the prepared meals are vegan, and that no meat is allowed on the property. Despite the limitations on ingredients, meals at HOC are very good. There are a variety of people living at the house, and it's a great environment to learn socially. I have some photos posted from the house HERE of many of my housemates in action. I'll post again soon, I promise!


Catching up on the updating again. :) The image above (or the the left, depending on the size of your browser window) is my ticket to The industrial show I went to at Elysium this past thursday. Cervello Elettronico and Terrorfakt have been two of my favorite bands for a while now, and and opportunity to see them both was something I could not pass up. The entire show featured bands from a musical subgenre called Industrial Noise. Although I was disappointed with the turnout (I counted 40 people), the show itself was great. Cervello Elettronico opened up, and played some impressive new songs and mixes. I wish he could have played longer, but with 4 bands in the show, time was limited for the individual bands. Glis played next, but I was somewhat disappointed with the performance. The vocal levels seemed to be off, as there was far too much midrange, and the vocals themselves overpowered the rest of the music. His stage presence needs a little work as well, which would have been helped some if the synth/keyboardist had not been in the very back of the stage in the shadows. There were a couple of songs in the middle of his set that seemed to work well, but overall, it seemed he had trouble synchronizing his vocals to the rest of the music. Up next was Terrorfakt, which was the most impressive band of the night for me. It appeared that they did not mix tracks at all for the set, but rather made the music there on the spot from several peices of equipment with samples fed from their respective laptops. Their stage precense was great, and the sheer synchronicity of the two was amazing. The final act was E-Craft, whose stage performance was nothing like I expected. The members were very animated on stage, almost to the point of being "prancy". This is not necessarily bad, just not what I would expect from a german industrial noise band. They did put on a great show, and worked the crowd (what there was of one) very well. Those crazy germans. :)

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